PREPARE Community is a Sustainable & Integrative Platform on Re-Employment

Since April 2008, NTUC and ASME have been championing PREPARE™, a customised programme that provides guidance to companies in implementing
Re-Employment of Older Workers as an integral part of their HR system in preparation of the Retirement and Re-Employment Act by 1 Jan 2012.

Companies that have completed the programme have feedback that there is a need for a sustainable platform where they may continue to learn and share good practices on Re-Employment. It is also recognised that at a national level, about 60% of the workforce in Singapore is employed by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Therefore, to better prepare more companies for the re-employment legislation in 2012, NTUC and ASME are collaborating to reach out to more SMEs and intensify their efforts on re-employment.

  Create awareness for companies to learn and commit on Re-Employment;
  Maintain momentum on Re-Employment for committed companies;
  Support companies to enhance their existing practices in preparation for Re-Employment legislation;
  Provide companies with the latest initiative and update by Tripartite Implementation Workgroup (TIWG); and
  Be a platform for ground feedback on Re-Employment issues and challenges for the TIWG.

Strategic Initiatives
Supported by an activity-based portal, companies may participate in a series of activities and learning platforms and be able to network and learn from other companies to tap on the experiences of older workers as a valuable manpower resource.

 Building Capabilities
Broadening Knowledge
on Re-Employment
 Continuous Engagement
Garnering Commitment
on Re-Employment
 Assistance & Toolkits
Implementing Practices
on Re-Employment
 Support & Sharing
Providing Information
on Re-Employment
 Employer Champions
Nurturing Ambassadors
on Re-Employment

Progress & Results

Phase One of the initiative (July 2009 to August 2010) focused on the active outreach to SMEs on Re-Employment-related issues. More than 800 companies participated in a series of 27 activities and learning platforms over the period. Working on a modest budget, the community received excellent feedback from participants.

With the introduction of the Capability Development Grant, PREPARE Community (Phase Two) is currently focusing on direct efforts in assisting companies to implement Re-Employment through the promotion and administration of the Grant. Company may now apply for the Grant through ASME with the assistance of the PREPARE Secretariat. As of April 2011, a total of 34 intakes of PREPARE has been conducted for companies.